Perfunctory Essay On Gayness


Since I recently posted an old poem of mine that uses the word "gay" I figured I should say a few words in case some you youngsters out there might get the wrong idea.

You may not know it, but the word "gay' is actually an old-fashioned word of Middle English and Germanic origins.

Not so many years ago (at least to an old-timer like me), to be "gay" meant that you were generally of a cheerful or lighthearted disposition. It could also mean bright or lively, such as a colorful attire, or even a sunny room.

At some point some ass decided that it would make a funny derogatory term for homosexuals, and since then the homosexual community has not unjustly adopted the term as a sort of badge of honor (sort of like "the n-word", which as a white man I am supposedly no longer allowed to say).

So now, whenever anybody hears the word "gay" the first thing their mind goes to is "homosexual".

Thus, through a process which was entirely our own fault, the "straight" (there's another misused word for you) community has lost a perfectly good word which used to mean something very positive and cheerful for everyone.

And so it goes with languages I suppose.

However, not one to accept such stupidities lightly, I am hereby reclaiming that word (at least for myself).

So now any time someone asks me if I am "gay", I proudly reply that "Yes...I am a gay heterosexual".

The stupider or more ignorant folks out there can never quite figure out what I mean by that, but let them think what they will.

The fact still remains that I am indeed a gay heterosexual.

And you know what?

That's ok.


© 2018 Bryan Patrick Deno