The Solomon Solution

Once a woman and her husband were brought before the wise King Solomon to air their grievances.

The woman complained that her husband was always leaving the toilet seat up.

The wise king studied them both carefully before issuing his pronouncement.

“The solution to this issue is quite simple,” he began. “If you both would just lower the seat and the lid each time you are finished with your toiletries, then nobody can come along and accidentally sit down in the toilet bowl. Also, by doing so you will be preventing a mist of piss and diarrhea from spraying all over your bathroom every time you flush."

"Now granted," he continued, "the man will have to raise both the seat and the lid each time he wishes to go number one, while the woman will only have to raise the lid, which is slightly unfair for the man. Are you agreeable with these conditions, sir?”

“If it will get my wife to quit nagging me I’ll agree to almost anything, Your Highness,” the man replied.

“Then the matter is settled,” said the wise king. “I have issued my pronouncement.”

The man and the woman went away, the man quite happy because this all seemed fair and reasonable to him.

His wife, however, was absolutely livid because the king had not completely sided with her.

So it goes with wisdom.

© 2016 Bryan Patrick Deno